Biological, why?

Biological, why

Because it is the crowning achievement of a mission addressed to offering the best guarantees to the customer, a mission which begins with Agricola Grains SpA, leader in Europe in the collection and marketing of cereals for the production of organic raw materials, and which ends with the CiaoBio specialised store in the sales and supplies of packaged and fresh organic products.

Why organic

To protect the health of the consumer and the planet, using farming and processing methods in accordance with the very strict rules established by European Regulations EEC 2092/91 and EEC 834/2007, which exclude all use of pesticides, chemical synthesis fertilisers and GMO.
To protect the environment and our children’s future; recent studies have proved that certain, especially nervous, disorders and illnesses are caused by substances derived from pesticides such as Malathion and Chlorpyrifos, which are found in conventional foods.
To maintain intact the nutritional properties and active ingredients in the food products (minerals, vitamins, sugars to name just a few), to strengthen the immune system and to reduce the risk of allergies.

To give value to regional typical produce.

The majority of organic products follow procedures that have restored ancient traditions, like pasta that is exclusively bronze drawn making it better and easier to digest, or the Sicilian tapugliati made from organic vegetables that are dried naturally in the sun and preserved in pure extra virgin olive oil.
The main priority of organic farming is ecofriendly development by respecting the environment and the wellbeing of the animal world, safeguarding our essential resources (soil, water, air) and biodiversity, protecting the health of the consumers who are encouraged to follow a more knowledgeable, healthy and balanced diet.
Organic farming means a return to traditions and is the first real step to ecofriendly development. Organic does not just mean natural, it also means healthy because organic processes do not use any form of chemical synthesis substances and strictly follow methods that respect nature, man and the animal world.