META-OIL 250 ml

Formula rich in unsaturated fats. Suggested for people with a slow metabolism.

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  • Product information
    META-OIL thanks to the high proportion of linseed oil into the final composition it is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6, in particular alpha-linolenic acid. These types of unsaturated fatty acids are called "essential" but the organism does not produce them, so they should come from the diet. Especially recommended for those who have a slow metabolism. Mix of linseed oil (65%) and high oleic sunflower (35%).
  • You must know that ...
    The oils must be eaten raw as a salad dressing, lunch or dinner, daily or every other day if you use other usual condiments. They are perfect for salads, vegetables and creams vegetables of all kinds, rice or whole-wheat pasta, potatoes or savory creams.