Black linseeds. It is a flavorless seed, so it does not have particular culinary qualities; it is certainly appreciated for its curative properties.Perfect to enrich salads.

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    The flax is a plant, which belongs to the family of Linacaee. It was one of the first domesticated cultivation: since ancient times it was extensively growed in Etiopia and Egypt. In a cave which is located in the Republic of Georgia were been found flax fibers which are dating back to 30000 a.C. The external part of the linseeds is particularly solid so, to use them in the cuisine, you have to crumble them with a mortar. They are perfect to enrich salads or muesli.
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    Known for their emollient and protective properties, linseeds are very useful to fight internal (cystitis) and external (on the skin) inflammations.